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I’ve worked on the Core Team, the Revenue Team, and the Checkout team at Flow. Below are select projects ranging from enabling brands to fulfill orders in console, iterating on A/B testing features, to improving our landed cost, country configurations, and checkout workflows. 

Fulfillment | Enabling brands to quickly fulfill orders without a third-party warehouse integration.

Fulfillment | Seeing the fulfillment feature utilized in real life.

A/B Testing | Enabling users to quickly see the winning variant and with more metrics.

Landed Cost | Designing edge case workflows to incorporate special landed cost requirements per country.

Country Configurations | Suggested an UI variation to guide users through Flow’s price check tool in the Country Configurations feature.

Checkout | Incorporating the VRN (VAT Registration Number) workflow to Flow’s checkout product to expand user base to business buyers.

Good Day App

When my favorite Sunrise Calendar App officially shut down in August 2016, I had a hard time looking for the perfect replacement. Since then, it has been a side project of mine to design something that I’ve always secretly wanted - a task/appointment management system using predictive analytics and artificial intelligence, with a fun tone of voice. [personal project, 2017]

Agent Beauty Branding

The brand name, agent, inspires a brand story that is mystical yet powerful. The protagonist of the story is romantic, unapologetic, and decadently elegant. Packaging and advertising collaterals are designed with a low-key, dark palette to build up curiosity for the new brand. The use of mixed marble textures with highly pigmented and contrasting colors adds a smokey and ephemeral sensory to the purchase experience. [Shillington school project, 2017]

Homier Home Decor Brand

Homier is an online home decor brand focused on offering sophisticated home textile collections. It immediately became a highly differentiated brand on the Amazon platform since its launch in 2016. Branding and product direction is modern and practical to demographic needs, and each interaction with customer aims to delight.

Homier home decor brand | An online home decor brand focused on offering sophisticated home textile collections. Co-founded in 2015, launched on Amazon in 2016.

Market Research | Conducted in-depth market research and developed over 60 SKUs of differentiated home textile products, resulting in high customer satisfaction, preference, and loyalty.

Amazon Strategy | Developed and tested distinctive sales strategy on Amazon to launch new products, build sales velocity and acquire new customers, that resulted in selling over 15K units since launch, 16% repeat customers for multi-unit orders.

Brand Voice | Despite little control and customization selling through the Amazon platform, Homier’s branding remained highly differentiated via product copy messages and engaging interaction with Amazon customers.

Post-Sales Email Campaign | Revamped post-sales digital email campaign and redesigned customer service experience that grew product review rate 6x (from 2% to 14%).

User Testing | An example of ongoing monthly surveys with targeted user groups to test and refine merchandising hypotheses.

Jenny Cheng Womenswear Brand

Jenny Cheng womenswear brand offers a workwear collection focused on helping women build a classic wardrobe for Everyday Elegance. Well known for its quality specialty-fabric office dresses and artisan-made leather sandals. Crafted an end to end emotional experience for working women.

Jenny Cheng womenswear brand | A workwear collection focused on helping women build a classic wardrobe for Everyday Elegance. Launched in 2014.

Offline Flyers | Utilized marketing messages (“We’re taking Everyday Elegance offline”) to tangibly bridge online to offline. Chose contrasting colors to attract more eyeballs when handing out physical flyers.

Pop Up Shop Launch | Designed a collection of consistent branding collaterals to increase brand awareness and product excitement. 

Process Showcase | Behind the scene showcase of how the leather sandals are made from concept design, material sourcing, to family-owned factory production. Most visited page of the site, with 8% traffic resulting in conversion.

Influencer Partnership | Strategically built local relationships with influencers with fan followings between 2-10K.

Marketing Initiatives | Drove and iterated on various initiatives including home try-on boxes, book club trunk shows, pop up shops, social media marketing templates, Facebook ads direction, brand voice and e-commerce UX/UI; and developed trial tests to determine respective ROIs quickly.